Comments on this site.

Hey folks!

Unfortunately, I have had to disable comments on this site as it seems some kind of bots have found a way to post a bunch of garbage onto all of my posts. It's nothing personal, obviously!

Because of that, I would like to point you over to my Facebook page where I do interact with people interested in my art as much as I am able to.  


Ascendants Process

If you enjoyed my last artwork, head on over to a feature by And Justice for Art and Metal Band Art at this location HERE. In the article, I show you my process for creating Ascendants from the first sketch.


Album Artwork for Oceano's "Ascendants"

Here is my new album artwork for Oceano's new album, "Ascendants". I was really excited to work with these guys again as I previously worked with them for "Contagion" and had a pleasant experience then. For this art, it was quite a challenge, because they had a *massive* concept for this album and a lot of information that needed to be communicated in the piece itself. I am hesitant to really divulge too much at this stage as the album (and therefore the lyrics) are not out yet, but once that is all public I will speak more about my work here.

In the meantime, please enjoy this art as I really went outside of my personal comfort zone for this one!
Thanks for looking! 


Facebook Fan Page.

Updates.'s been a little difficult keeping this site updated this year and I apologize greatly to those who visit it for updates about my art. As some of you may know, I have a 1 year old boy and he keeps our hands pretty full. When I make updates, I tend to lean on the quick fix which is my Facebook page . 

I will make an effort to get things updated here a little more regularly, though.

As for the store, that is something I actually feel really bad about. There were a great number of you that wanted an OATHBREAKER print when I met you back at Emerald City Comicon and I said I would get them printed up in a month (that was in March) and I still have not done so. Again, with the demands of being a new parent I just haven't had time to get to my printer.

That said, next year's Emerald City Con is rapidly approaching and I will be making sure to replenish all of my most popular prints so I don't expect you will have a hard time obtaining them then.

Next year will be a bit light on merchandise, but I am expecting to have a book finished within a couple of years that I think will excite a lot of people.

Until next time!!! 


World in Decay

Here is my new artwork for the band, Fallen Angels! The album will be called "World in Decay" and should be out next year sometime. I had a ton of fun working on this one as I had a lot of free reign to do what I want. The band was really supportive of my ideas and those are always my best album covers. Not that I can't adapt to a client's wishes, but if I can really push my creativity in directions that I want to explore I find that the work benefits from that greatly.