Cattle Decapitation, "A Body Farm" Shirt.

As the first part of my "gory summer" that I get to finally show, here's the goriest of them all! This design for Cattle Decapitation, known for their extreme brand of grindcore, is based off of the song "A Body Farm".

From the press release, " we see a psychotic scientist who runs an environmental laboratory or "body farm" to study the effects of exposure, time and decomposition on human cadavers right in his back yard! All for the sake of crime scene investigation, right? WRONG: He's the one providing the cadavers...".

Check out the high resolution version here, and please do yourself a favor see these guys on tour to grab one of the many new awesome designs.


It's a gory summer.

Well, it's certainly a gory year for this death metal artist. Between my Oceano artwork , the T-shirt I am designing for Cattle Decapitation, and a couple of other things coming up later in the year, I am painting a lot of red stuff these days.  There's something very zen-like about painting shiny intestines and slimy, pus-filled blisters. Seeing as it was my last post, I'm sure you've seen my first piece of Oceano artwork, but now Oceano has a new myspace layout that features the artwork in massive high detail! Be sure to check it out, drop them a comment, and go check them out if they are heading to a show date near you.

As for that Cattle Decapitation T-shirt, I'm not quite finished with it yet, but it's already pretty sick. If you follow them at all, you know they have some pretty twisted lyrics and naturally I referred to them to come up with something really brutal. Check back soon for that!

Stay bloody!



Oceano "Contagion" album cover.

Here's the album cover that I did for Oceano for their upcoming album, "Contagion". I did 3 paintings for them (I'll post the rest at a later date) and the theme for the album is a man-made viral outbreak and the eradication of the infected. I really pushed the limits on this particular project and I tried to make everything as gooey and gross as possible. If you like what you see here, the interior layout artwork will blow your mind....

More on that later! Thanks for stopping by!

Click here to see the high resolution version of the artwork!


Some quick cartoons...

I added some more quick cartoons to the "Dustyverse" section. While I obviously spend more time and effort on my paintings, I sometimes enjoy doing the little goofy cartoons more just because there's no pressure whatsoever on them. It's just essentially me acting like a kid, drawing whatever dumb idea comes to mind. 


Audio interview on

A few weeks ago at Crypticon 2010, did an audio interview with me about my album cover work as part of their Bonebat podcast. The link to the interview is here, and my portion starts in at about the 42 minute mark, but please check out the rest of Bonehands podcasts as they really do cover a lot of great stuff. 

By the way, this is officially my first audio interview, so feel free to laugh at me.